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    What Milkshake does


    We find the musicians, artists, songwriters or venues you need!


    You choose which gig suits your venue or band the most!


    Bring in the gig with ease, so that you can focus on what is really important!

    Why Milkshake?

    Venue Owners

    • Discover new bands
    • Last minute drop-out? Find a new act and save the night
    • Only relevant musicians are shown to you


    • Let venues and promoters find you
    • Promote yourself and find gigs
    • Play for audiences that come for your music

    How does Milkshake work?

    Venue Owners

    • First create an account. Then, create one or more profiles for your venue(s)
    • Do you have a gig coming up? Chat directly with musicians that are only relevant for your profile
    • Find the best talent!


    • First create an account. Then, create one or more profiles for each of your music projects
    • Do you already have professional social account? Just link them Facebook, Instagram or YouTube). Make sure to provide us with as much information as possible, so you can get only relevant matches
    • Find local and national gigs & opportunities!

    Are you a Venue Owner or a Musician?

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